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We make things possible!

Dear friends,

Not long ago Bulgarian media told the fate of a poor large family. The story telling about miserable life conditions of mother and her five children affected the hearts of a group of students from Smolyan. Making things possible “Evropat – 2000” JSCo decided to transport free of charge all the packages with charity that were collected from “Charity Club” at the “Hristo Botev” Secondary Vocational School of Techniques and Technologies”. Due to the couriers of “Evropat” and Ivan Nikolov – chairman of the “Charity Club” a mother and her five incredible children became a bit happier.

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Dear customers,

From 16.09.2013 we offer You new service at attractive prices: delivery documents from and to any location in Republic of Turkey.

Cost of service to anywhere in the Republic of Turkey is unchanged from monthly fuel fee - 20 lev. VAT.

The time to delivery is guaranteed - itś 3 or 4 workdays of receipt of the consignment in Republic of Bulgaria.

The delivery of shipment from Bulgaria to Turkey is done under general conditions of "Evropat" and it is paid by the sender in the Republic of Bulgaria.

For questions – contact us!

Our couriers are availabe every weekday from 9 to 18, and on Saturday – from 9 to 13.

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ЕВРОПЪТ 2000 АД - Куриер. Куриерски услуги.Courier company "EVROPAT" offers its customers the opportunity to review the content of the package before paying the CD for it.

Thereby, each our client can be sure that he receives the shipment that awaits in the form that it was sent by the sender. The only condition is the courier service to be paid, which is not expensive extra.

The optional service „Open before paying the CD“ is very appropriate for any form of e-marketing, when the user order his purchase on-line, and he receives from the office in „EVROPAT“ or our express couriers may deliver it to his door. This extra „Open before paying the CD“ will be provided in case of advances order made by the sender of the shipment.

This order will be certified in the appropriate field of the waybill and after that the couriers of "Evropat" must inform the recipient of the opportunity afforded to him. Only after reviewing and approving the content of the shipment to the recipient pays the courier amount of the CD.
The aim of the courier company "Evropat" is to gain and keep the trust of its customers.

The verification is the highest form ot thrust and we make the thrist happen!

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