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Evropat-2000 JSCo is legally registered operator of non-universal postal services.

Nowadays it is one of the leading companies for courier services in Bulgaria. Evropat was established in 2005. Ever since we developed an excellent network of offices as we accept and deliver shipments to our customers to / from anywhere in the country. We also perform international courier services worldwide. Since the middle of February 2011 we are offering service of shipments to / from Romania at the best prices. Тurkey is also among the destinations where we offer courier services.

We are specialized in delivery of documents and small parcels, as our business is organized under a scheme through which shipments throughout the country are delivered on the day following the day of sending. For their reliable transportation we rely on our own fleet.

We constantly look for new opportunities for development to meet the high demands of our customers. Today we can offer a range of additional services: A hybrid mail, Cash on delivery, Priority Delivery, Declared Value, Advice on Delivery, Return of supporting documents, Super Express intraday, Delivery of a shipment of non-scheduled service and Delivery of a shipment outside the tariff.

Among our many current customers are government agencies, banks, insurance companies, media, business representatives from all areas of the production and marketing. Our popularity is growing among private consumers in Bulgaria.

The development of Internet commerce has given us another opportunity to be helpful to our customers - we are honest supplier of goods ordered in electronic shops of the global network.
Exclusively in the interests of our clients we have developed and successfully enjoined Evropat Online module on our site www.evropat.com.

Our good name we due to the quality of services that we provide, but also to the competence of our employees. For the professional and personal development of its employees, Evropat-2000 JSCo prepared and realized in 2008-2009 the project “European way of development for courier services”. It was funded by the European Social Fund Operational Programme „Human Resources Development“ in 2007 - 2013. Forty-three of our senior management positions are trained in core competencies for this project.

Evropat - we make things possible!

The success is part of our business.

Share it with us!

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